White Label Juice Co.

Premium is our Game

Here at White Label Juice Co, we take pride in the flavors we offer, from Tiger’s Blood to our always popular Custards. Our delicious flavors rise above the competition, and we’re sure you’ll agree, because when you inhale a cloud of our premium e-juice, your taste buds should whoop and holler with excitement. They should give each other high-fives and say things like “radical” or “totally awesome, dude.” But with the increasing amount of poor quality e-juice flooding the market, this is hardly the case. The harsh chemical taste of residual alcohol, often found in lesser quality e-liquids, guarantees disappointment and ensures a negative vaping experience.


Capturing Fruit Flavor

Premium e-juice should have complex layers of refined flavor. Our Fierce Mode, for example, combines the robust flavors of kiwi and green apple, balanced with just a hint of menthol. Not a minty menthol flavored fan? Our most popular seller, Strawberry Custard, has cloud-pushers drooling with what we consider the best custard notes out there. But simply mixing flavor extracts in a bottle does not create magical deliciousness. Flavors must be constructed and fine-tuned, honed like a secret family recipe passed down through the generate ons. Here at White Label Juice Co, since 2014, we've produce our premium liquids by indefatigably testing different flavor ratios and then strategically determining the absolute perfect balance.


So How Does Taste Work, Anyway?

Gather round, boys and girls, it is time for science. The Mammal’s nasal cavity, believe it or not, is responsible for more than just smelling flowers. It perceives taste. How? It’s a complicated phenomenon involving our mouth, throat and nose. When sweet, sour, savory, bitter or salty flavors called “tastants” hit our taste buds, a signal shoots through the cranial nerve to the part of our brain responsible for taste called the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex then processes those signals sent from taste buds as well as odorants within the thin mucus lining of the nasal passage. Now, stay with us here, these nasal receptors are the main contributors—the all-star players, if you will—in the big game of taste. Crazy, I know, but that’s why we can’t taste anything when we’re all stuffed-up. We need air flow through the nose for those nasal receptors to absorb flavor. So, when we inhale a cloud, vapor hits the taste receptors in the mouth and throat. Boom. On the way out, however, the vapor lights up those vital receptors in the nasal cavity and Whoosh! It’s like immersing all your taste receptors in a warm steam bath of pure flavor. This total immersion in flavor contributes a truly unique and delightful experience to vaping. Ensure it’s a delicious experience as well by using only premium quality e-juice.