Premium E-Liquids

Premium is more than just a claim. White Label Juice takes pride in the flavors that we offer. We trust that you will be able to tell the difference between the real deal and the imitation. Give our e-juice a try and you’ll come back for more.  

Strawberry E-Liquid Shouldn’t Taste Like Cough Syrup

We all know what strawberries taste like, so we all know when a strawberry flavor is just an imitation. Worse, the false flavor can leave a chemical aftertaste that reminds you of cough syrup. Robitussin is great for soothing a sore throat, so who cares if it doesn’t really taste like a fruit? But an e-juice? It needs to taste like the real thing, especially if it’s a premium product.

When a puff of vapor hits the back of your throat, your reaction should be to want to close your eyes in blissful satisfaction. However, tasting a chemical or residual alcohol with each inhalation and exhalation guarantees disappointment. A bad taste that just seems out of place is a tell-tale sign that the e-liquid is of poor quality.

Capturing Crispiness as a Fruit Flavor

Premium means quality, refinement, and value. Premium e-juice should have complex layers of flavor. Simply mixing flavor extracts in a bottle does not replicate the actual taste of food or drinks. You’ve ordered your favorite dessert a dozen times. You pick the freshest fruit at the market because you look forward to biting through a crisp outer skin before the sweet, tarty juice flows through your teeth and touches your taste buds. You know exactly how the bartender makes your favorite cocktail just to your liking. So, you know when you’ve run into an imitation. We know this, because we’re just like you. Our premium liquids are produced by testing different ratios of flavors for just the right balance.

Great Going In and Good Coming Out

The nasal cavity of mammals is best suited for tasting flavors internally, not flavors that come from the outside. This is why vaping is particularly pleasant. Flavors in the vapor hit the back of the throat on the way in, and then hit the rest of the nasal cavity on the way out. Premium vapes should present flavors on inhalation as well as exhalation.

Your tongue has many taste buds, but they are better at detecting bitter and acidic toxins than they are at tasting delicious flavors. The real flavor receptors are in your nasal cavity, which is why you don’t taste much of food when you have a stuffy nose. Humans can taste five general flavors: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and savory. Because premium e-liquid is introduced in the form of a gaseous vapor that permeates the entire nasal and oral cavity, it reaches more flavor receptors than normal food. This is why you will know whether or not e-juice is premium.