Sample Packs by WLJC

Premium E-Liquid Sample Packs by White Label Juice Company. Choose any 3 bottles and build your own taste test.  Free Shipping available.

Sample E-Liquid Packages

Quality products and great service produce loyal customers. We know that you have many choices out there when it comes to vape juice, so we take our craft very seriously. Whether you’re a returning fan or a curious new customer, we created e-juice sample packs that give you the freedom of trying out three different flavors. We know you like choices – we do, too – so we get just as excited as you do at the idea of getting three different bottles. We don’t just make our e-juice, we test them ourselves to ensure the highest standards of flavor. You can’t go wrong trying the samples, but you can go very, very right – up to three times per sample package!

Quality That We’re Willing to Wager

Our e-juice is packaged in plastic bottles that have built in squirt nozzles. This makes filling your vaping device easier and faster. The bottles come with screw-on caps that form a water-tight seal. We’re confident that the first puff will make you remember our logo: White Label Juice. You’ll come back for more and will want to add your review to the comments box of the flavors that you chose.

Three Different E-Liquid Flavors Per Pack

You can pick three different flavors from our wide assortment of vape juice samples. We will send you 30-milliliter (ML) bottles, each for only $6.66. Not sure if you want to commit to a full-sized, 100-ML bottle? Then don’t! We created our sample packages so that you can try multiple types of our e-juice for yourself. Trust your taste buds and your heart will let you know the truth.

Three Levels of Nicotine

Everyone has their own preference for how much nicotine hits the spot. We created our sample packs just like our full-sized bottles. You have three levels of nicotine to choose from: 0 MG, 3 MG, or 6 MG. All three flavors that you pick will come with the same level of nicotine (sorry, not mixing nicotine levels in sample packs).

High Speed Delivery

Orders are typically processed within 48 hours, though some require three business days (we do not open on weekends). We’ll send you a tracking number as soon as your order is processed, so you’ll know where your package is as it travels to your doorstep. It looks forward to seeing you as much as you are excited to see it.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re not sure about something, reach out to us and ask some questions. Email us or give us a call. Add us on Instagram. We’d be happy to talk about picking flavors or just chatting about your love for vape juice – we love it, too! For those of you who are interested in wholesale opportunities, contact us and ask for our sales team. Once you try our e-juices, we’ll be waiting to hear from you.