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Vanilla Custard [E-Juice 100ml]

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Vanilla Custard E-Juice | WHITE LABEL JUICE CO.


A rich, velvety smooth, and creamy Vanilla Custard; the perfect all-day vape.

Primary Flavor Notes: Vanilla, hints of maple sugar, and sweet cream.

Vanilla Custard has long been a favorite vape juice flavor in the vaping community and for good reason! It’s no surprise that our own Vanilla Custard has remained one of our most popular e juice flavors for the past 4 years.  

When we originally designed this flavor, we had a few things on our list that we wanted to do differently than other e-juice companies.  We set out testing a large amount of vanilla custard e-juices that were already on the market.  We felt that while a lot of them were very good, they had strayed too far from what we thought makes a vanilla custard a “good” vanilla custard.

Here’s the deal

Vanilla Custard e-juice is supposed to be first-and-foremost an all-day-vape. 

Choosing the right vanilla custard is a little like choosing the right person to spend your life with. 

It’s something you want to come home to at the end of a long day, something that will hold your hand when times are tough, and something that makes you say “you know what? Everything’s just gonna be alright.”

Other Vanilla Custards just get it wrong.

Vanilla Custard is a deeply nuanced flavor. There’s a lot of subtle complexity buried within a good vanilla custard which leads people to describe it in exceedingly fantastic ways.

“caramelized sugar”

“Jamaican rum”


The truth is:

Tastes vary. The ways people describe what they are tasting vary even more.  So even though people tend to describe flavors in detail and sometimes weird ways and the way in which people experience e-juice flavors definitely varies, most “good” vanilla custards don’t usually have a million different additives to achieve all these flavor notes.

The problem is

When we did our testing and market research, it was obvious that most companies completely miss this.  Their juices taste like whoever oversaw the formulation set out on the web to do their research rather than trying some of the vanilla custard classics that were already available.

They overdo the egg nog

They overdo the sugar

They overdo all the little notes that people use to describe Vanilla Custard e-juice and completely miss the mark. We weren’t tasting vanilla or custard. Just egg nog.  Just graham cracker.  Just sugar.

So we fixed the problem.

We kept our recipe simple.  You’d be surprised at the amount of depth and complexity that can come with a simple recipe when you use the right ingredients.

After months of development and the painstaking process of countless revisions, note taking, and testing, we had it.  We locked our recipe away never to be messed with again and swore a scared oath to never change or alter it.

We truly believe our vanilla custard e-juice is the best on the market and the proof is the hundreds-of-thousands of bottles we have sold in the last four years and the thousands of happy customers who have ordered over-and-over again.

If you haven’t tried it, give it a shot today we are positive you will not be disappointed.



 Product Features:

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  • We design ALL e-juice flavors to be delicious to the last drop, ensuring you can easily vape an entire 100ml of our vape juice without getting tired of it.
  • White Label Juice Co. vape juice works well in all types of devices from RDAs to every kind of tank.
**IMPORTANT** Please double check that your order is correct; Once placed, we cannot alter nicotine or flavor choice!

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