Huge Improvements and other News 5/27/15

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Welcome to our first blog post! We are looking forward to maintaining these posts to keep you in the loop with the latest happenings here at White Label Juice Co! 


In our never-ending quest to deliver the absolute best experience for our customers, we have made a ton of improvements over the past couple months which will be outlined below.


When we first started, we crafted every single bottle to order, as it was ordered. We have begun crafting all of our e-liquids in small batches and bottling before they are sold. This has some HUGE benefits for all of our customers. Since all of our liquids are now from larger batches, there will be no noticeable difference between bottles of like flavors. Ordered strawberry custard and loved it? Every bottle that you order in the future will be the same as the one you loved. Gone are the days of inconsistency and we could not be happier! Of course, since all our liquids are now crafted in batches, you will be receiving a bottle that has been at least somewhat steeped pre-steeped. The other obvious benefit of a system like this is when your order is placed, your juice is ready to be shipped and will be shipped ASAP. This will also do away with some inconsistency with order processing times that you may or may not have experienced with us in the past.


In March, we moved our entire operation to a much larger facility. This marked the third time we have moved in the short time we have been in business. We also hired more people in all areas including customer service and order fulfillment. Thanks to you, we have created 13 new jobs since our inception! The amount of overwhelming support we receive from the community never ceases to amaze us and we look forward to creating more jobs in the future!


We set out on this journey with one simple goal in mind; to liberate the vape community at large from exorbitantly high priced e-liquid and to enable EVERY vaper to vape as much as their heart desires without worrying about the toll it was taking on their wallet. We strive for excellence in all of our product offerings and spare no expense to use only the highest quality ingredients that are available on the market and are being used by EVERY “premium” e-liquid company. With this goal in mind, we made the decision to cut some of the flavors that were up for sale on our site. In the future, we will be releasing more complex flavors with more time spent in research and development. Look to the release of our three newest flavors (Charpie, Tiger’s Blood, Dragon’s Breath) as a testament to the caliber of quality you can expect from us in the future. 


We will be releasing a couple new flavors in the very near future, so expect to see those soon!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and stay in-tune with what is happening on our end. Have a great day!



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  • I’ve ordered countless times from this company and never been disappointed. One time a package got lost in transport and when I called the helpline they sent me a new package right away with new tracking number and told me to keep the original package when it arrived as their way of saying sorry. You guys are A plus in the customer service area and I have yet to find a better juice. I can’t count how many people I’ve told about this company and they were happy with their orders. Thanks for everything.
    Brad on
  • Hey there guys and girls.

    I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for being so kickass. You guys make it so affordable to vape and that to me makes me cone back every single time. I seriously can’t stay away! Every time I talk to my friends about you guys I swear I see their minds explode when I tell them the price and how much juice they get. I guess you could say it is…priceless.

    Thanks again for everything you have done thus far. I wish you all the luck in your continued growth and process improvement.

    Julian Newman on
  • Just wanted to stop buy and tell ya that I love the juice you guys make. great juice at a really great price.

    jason on
  • You guys rock. I’m in the army. A lot of people think we are rich but sadly we are not. I started making because of money. At first baking was cheap and affordable but as time has gone on I was noticing that each bottle I was buying we’re getting more and more pricey. 14 for a house juice from my local store was killing me. It was like smoking bad flavoring and a pack of smokes cost 6 or 7 and they both last about the same. I was about to call it quits and just start smoking again but than I saw you guys online. Your juice is amazingly great and you are the reason I quit smoking cigarettes in the first place. Something tasty and cheap. Thank you guys. Your life savers! Keep up the good work. You have yourself a customer!

    shawn brown on
  • Awesome! Ita been great watching as the company continues to grow. I have always been impressed with WLJC and just when I think you all have hit the best a company can do, you contiune to improve! Congratulations on your success and I wish more to come.

    Burt Grusy on

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