How to Choose e-Liquid Strength

e-liquid strength

The strength of an e-juice refers to how much nicotine it contains. Understanding the relationship between how much nicotine is in e-juice compared to cigarettes does not have to be complicated. Once you learn a handful of key factors, transitioning between vapes and cigarettes will be very natural.                        

What Indicates Nicotine Levels?

The amount of nicotine in a cigarette ranges from 4mg to 14mg; “mg” stands for milligram, which is a way of measuring very small weights. A common way to pronounce “mg” is to say “mig” (rhymes with pig) instead of “milligram.” The difference in measuring nicotine levels in cigarettes versus e-juices is that the nicotine in e-juices is dissolved in a liquid that has a volume. Thus, nicotine concentrations in e-juice are often written as “mg/ml,” which is “milligrams/milliliters.” Milliliter is a way of measuring small amounts of liquid. Thus, “mg/ml” is read as “milligrams per milliliters”, or “migs per mil” for short. White Label Juice offers e-liquids in three levels of nicotine: 0 mg/ml, 3 mg/ml, or 6 mg/ml. 0 mg/ml is for those who want to vape but prefer not to have nicotine. 3 mg/ml is our middle-level dose, while 6 mg/ml is our strongest dose. 

How Much Nicotine is Absorbed?

Even for cigarettes, this is a difficult number to accurately determine. The reason is because each person has different smoking habits. For example, a person who inhales deeply with each puff will absorb more nicotine than a person who inhales lightly. People who only take a few puffs during lunch will absorb less nicotine than people who take puffs every few hours. Those who smoke several packs of cigarettes per day will likely have higher nicotine needs than those who only smoke one cigarette per day. 

For vapes, it is estimated that a user absorbs about 50% of the nicotine that is in the e-juice inside the vape device. The above considerations about how deeply a person inhales and how often a person puffs also applies to vaping. Therefore, each person transitioning from cigarettes to vapes will have to experiment with what dose of nicotine in e-juice is right for their style. 

Is More Nicotine Necessarily Better?

For those who are transitioning from cigarettes to vapes, more nicotine isn’t necessarily better because your smoking style might not actually have given you as much nicotine as you think. A good test is to compare how a few puffs of vape makes you feel compared to smoking a whole device full of e-juice. Try this with an e-liquid that has a low or medium level of nicotine, then try it with an e-liquid that has a higher dose. 

You’ll know when the nicotine level of an e-juice is too high for you. If the back of your throat burns when you inhale, or when you feel dizzy or light-headed after a few puffs, or when you get a headache after using e-juice, then the dose of nicotine might be too high. 

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