Fruity e-Liquid Flavors to Get Online

One of the major advantages of e-juice is that it comes in so many different flavors. Your childhood memories include favorite candy, ice cream, and bubble gum flavors. Topping the list of flavors that bring back warm, fuzzy feelings of childhood are probably fruits. Well, guess what? We have fruity e-juices, too! Each of the popular fruit flavors is unique in its own way. 

Long Live the Strawberry King

Strawberry is perhaps the most popular fruit flavor ever. Next to vanilla and chocolate, strawberry is one of the three classical ice cream flavors that people remember before the countless ice cream flavors of today existed. Perhaps this is why strawberry is the most common fruit flavor among our many e-juice products.  
Our Strawberry Offerings:

The Unique Bite of Lemon Tart

The uniqueness of lemon is that its sweetness carries along an unforgettable tartness. Even before remembering the flavor, our taste buds react to the jolt of the tart. The extra sensation that accompanies lemon’s sometimes sweet, sometimes sour taste is what makes it special. To some, the strength of the lemon flavor is overpowering, but to others it has the ability to balance other strong flavors. Whatever the case, lemon’s invaluable role in cooking desserts and entrees has solidified it as a staple flavor among the fruits. 

Blueberry in the Face

The sweetness of blueberry is subtle, making it great at blending with other forms of sweetness, such as pancake syrup and powdered sugar. Blueberries also have a unique texture, depending on the stage of ripeness. They can be crisp and snappy early on, and softly elastic with age. Among the popular berries, it can give a slight tart that is pleasantly surprising. 
Our Blueberry Offerings:

Summer’s Hot Melons

The king of summer fruits must be the watermelon. Perhaps its place as the fruit that is served at barbecues makes it a symbol of summer fun. The delight of the watermelon flavor comes not just from its sweetness, but the sensation that comes when you bite into a luscious slice. The water that is packed into each firm microscopic cell explodes under pressure. The moist fruit has a way of brushing against your gums and tingling the spaces between your teeth. Watermelon’s texture is a key part of its flavor. Or for a more melow melon flavor try our Meloncholy e-juice.    

Your Own Customized Depth of Fruit Flavoring

No matter what fruit flavor you buy, steeping your e-juice will produce a unique flavor that only you know how to create. So, in a way, mastering the art of steeping allows you to create your own distinct flavor. White Label Juice produces exotic flavors, but that shouldn’t stop you from expressing your own creativity and character as you enjoy our products. 

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