Understanding PG and VG Ratios

    Four basic ingredients are in every e-liquid: PG, VG, water, and nicotine. What makes vapes special is the PG and the VG. These two chemicals provide the puffs of cloud that are emitted with each exhalation, and the amazing feel inside your throat with every breath. The physical nature of each chemical liquid requires matching them to the proper vaporizer size. Our delicious e-juices come in the form of a mixture containing primarily VG and a smaller proportion of PG.    What is VG? VG stands for vegetable glycerin. This thick liquid is derived from – you guessed it –...

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    How to Steep Your E-Juice

    Steeping is the way people increase or alter the taste of their e-juice. Tastes differ from person to person, so steeping e-juice for a desired amount of time is like aging wine. Not everyone has to steep, but those who love their own unique flavor will refine their steeping technique to get just right every time. There are multiple ways of steeping, which we discuss here.  Why Steep Your Liquid? Some people love the taste of the e-liquid right out off the shelf or right out of the shipment box. For these people, steeping is unnecessary. But for those who...

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    How Prop 56 Will Affect the Future of Vaping in California

    Californians will be voting on new proposition this year that will change the course of the vaping industry, and the experience of vape consumers, for many years to come. If passed, Prop 56 will change the state’s definition of “other tobacco products” to include e-cigarettes that do not contain tobacco. The negative impact of Prop 56 on vaping will reverberate from the production lines of manufacturers down to the pocketbook of consumers.  Unintended Ramifications of Prop 56 In addition to adding more tax on e-cigarettes, Prop 56 will make e-cigarettes taxable by Prop 99 (2015), and Prop 10 (1998). Prop...

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    Huge Improvements and other News 5/27/15

    Welcome to our first blog post! We are looking forward to maintaining these posts to keep you in the loop with the latest happenings here at White Label Juice Co!    In our never-ending quest to deliver the absolute best experience for our customers, we have made a ton of improvements over the past couple months which will be outlined below.   When we first started, we crafted every single bottle to order, as it was ordered. We have begun crafting all of our e-liquids in small batches and bottling before they are sold. This has some HUGE benefits for...

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